We still have time


" I was born on April, 5 in 1962, two years before the ousting of Khrushchev and the beginning of the Brezhnev era. The Khrushchev "thaw" was coming to a close, yet the spirit of freedom released from behind the barbed wire of the ruling ideology was still animating the country. And yet..." These lines from my first book are said to be "about time and myself."

I, like probably many others, have been trying to understand for a long time: how it has happened that our generation lives in an era of change? Such times are known to be rather hard, and even more so when changes seem to affect the entire human civilization. One day, we may find ourselves on the ruins of past well-being, or even under its rubble!
While some of us are horrified by the upcoming incomprehensible changes, the others are trying to live according to usual rules and comfortable ideas. Both methods are useless (which mothers and obstetricians know very well), and the results, to put it mildly, are not very encouraging.
I believe that the answer is still lies in a discovery of the Astrophysicists at University of Rochester. They conduct research within the framework of not the most popular Gaia hypothesis put forward back in the seventies of the twentieth century. Without going into details, I will say that this theory proposes to consider the Earth a physiological system, that is, a living being. Rochester astrophysicists, based on their own research, claim that our planet has its own consciousness and mind!
No matter how wild this may seem, it suggests an answer to at least one riddle: why could life not only appear, but also survive for many billions of years (actually, almost throughout entire geological history)? After all, global cataclysms of an unimaginable scale are constantly taking place on Earth: eruptions of super volcanoes, falls of asteroids, or changes in the inclination of the Earth’s Axis causing our planet to turn into a giant snowball. And every time life is saved only by miracle.
The existence of life on Earth, not to mention its appearance, is still a mystery for science. Several quite serious scientists who have for many years studied the conditions of existence and development of the biosphere (the entire set of living beings - from bacteria to humans), came to a firm conclusion about its interaction with our planet. That is, not only do we influence the Earth (as, for example, bacteria and plants have created soil that does not exist on other planets), but it also contributes to the maintenance of life.
And this miracle is nothing but conscious help from the home planet. But who said that the Earth will always be ready to help all living beings?
American science fiction writer Harry Harrison wrote a novel called Deathworld. A colony of earthlings is trying to organize mining on some planet, while its environment is literally trying to destroy them. A fierce confrontation has lasted for centuries, and earthlings are already almost losing it, there are fewer and fewer of them.
But at this moment, the main character realized that all the deadly attacks by local fauna and flora are a reaction of the collective mind of the planet, which perceives the colonists as an alien infection.
As soon as the main character persuaded people to try to get rid of innate hatred of the planet and stop barbaric mining, the attacks began to subside. However, some of the earthlings have never been able to change their mentality. And so, they were forced to go away for good. But we have nowhere to run.

If astrophysicists from the University of Rochester are right, I am afraid the Earth's patience has run out. Everything we have now witnessed: a sudden outbreak of a dangerous disease, aggravated social and interstate contradictions and consecutive catastrophes, can be interpreted as an urgent call of our Mother Earth to change the world. What's the alternative? Well, some people have talked about the likelihood of a global nuclear war. A few would survive. Human civilization in its current form would definitely not.

But I want to believe that we still have time. Two years ago, I called for a conversant choice of our common future, based on the priority of the right to life for all. For every person, every living being - from elephant to bacteria. Vitacracy is the right to life for our planet.

The right to life should be the highest priority for each of us and all humankind. We have witnessed the birth of a new world, which is happening against our will.
Birth of a New World. We should still remember that it may do well without us just like millions and billions of years before. The choice is ours.