The epidemic of fear

In recent years, two days would not pass without media informing the world about another violent crime, which is often fatal.

Last weekend began with the news about train passengers attacked by a young man in Switzerland. The maniac tried to set fire to the carriage and stabbed several passengers including 6-year-old girl. As a result - two dead: the attacker and one of his victims, a middle-aged woman.
Inadequate persons existed in all countries at all times. However, even without the special research it is evident that the number of bloody crimes has significantly increased. More and more people become their victims. Most importantly there are much less coherent reasoning in crime. The versions that we have been offered, do not always hold up. When did it start and what are the origins of this nightmare?
Let us remember the bloody incident in Nice. In a festive evening a crowd of people, strolling along the Promenade des Anglais, was hit by a truck driven by a man, who never before expressed any hostility towards the people around him.
It was only later that police informed that the attacker had five accomplices helping him to carefully organize the crime. The incident was considered as terrorist attack, responsibility for which has been taken over by one of the major terrorist groups. Moreover, it seems that the society calmed down – alas, it has long been used to terrorist attacks.
However, it soon became clear that it was too early to relax. In the next ten days in Germany alone, there were four attacks (with weapons, firearms, and explosives). Only few of them were declared at a certain stretch as terrorist attacks. They tried to explain one case by a fit of jealousy. However, it sounds not very convincing.

Thus, what is really happening? It must be noted that most of these crimes were committed by refugees - strangers to the society in which they lived. This, of course, means only one thing: the policy of multiculturalism, which for so long has been promoted and popularized in Europe, hopelessly failed.
How could it be otherwise? After all, the content of this policy is the hypocritical declaration of total equity, which is not supported by fact.
On the one hand, officials have tried to explain to their citizens that their new neighbours deserve leniency because "they were forced to suffer at home", without really trying to figure out who among the refugees has really suffered and who aimed to make other suffer.
On the other hand, the European everyman were pressurized to abandon in the name of "tolerance" the traditional values ​​and to accept new citizens with open arms. Concerned about the "delicate" feelings of refugees, they removed stars from Christmas trees and the crucifixes from schools. However, the migrants themselves were not taught tolerance, as officials, largely, could not care less about them. As a result, they had New Year's Eve "Cologne rape".
Of course, you can make a person smile at neighbour, especially in accustomed to order, well-trained and well-behaved Europe. However, no one can be forced to enjoy visitors wholeheartedly. Millions of Arab and African immigrants have remained strangers to the inhabitants of the Old World. They will never achieve the European average quality of life, of which they dreamed. They will never be included into the circle of friends of classmates or colleagues. They are doomed to stew in their own juice of beliefs, habits and superstitions, which, largely, caused them to flee from their countries.
Being under constant stress, many of these people unwillingly choose the path of violence in order to change their fate. However, the situation around refugees is only part, and, I am afraid, a smaller part of the reasons that explain the series of senseless killing. I already wrote that the current mass migration into Europe is historically grounded process of transformation of humanity into a single whole, chaotically accelerated by ill-conceived actions of NATO directed by the United States. Given that the bureaucracy of European Union has not just let the process to take its course but managed to create the poorest conditions for it, the problems that they face now were inevitable.
By the way, the perpetrators are increasingly becoming not only those who "came in large numbers", but also locals. It happens not only in Europe. Let us recall that people of different races and nationalities lived side by side for centuries in the US. However, on the night of June 12, there was a massacre considered the largest bloodshed in recent American history. The same terrorist organization claimed responsibility for it. Such is the habit of terrorists: to assume responsibility for the most terrible crime in the hope that people would tremble when hearing one of their names.
In early August, the US faced the shocking interaction of two "most fashionable trends of the month": 20-year-old college student was killed in a San Franciscan park, hunting for Pokemon. The killer shot him in the back and ran away, leaving no clue that could explain the murder. And the most outrageous incident happened in Florida, where 45-year-old man killed the crowd favourite – flamenco-dancing flamingo Pinky in Tampa zoo. How Pokemon and flamingos could stay in the way of terrorists?
I'm afraid that what is happening today could only be certainly explained by the fact that the value of someone else's life is reduced to zero. We must admit that the bulk of responsibility for this lies with the US authorities. For a long time and systematically they put the ghost of "interests of the country" above life, law, and humanity.
Think of the ease with which the American leaders tried to solve their problems by unleashing wars all over the planet, where number of civilians killed was ten times more than those of the US military opponents. The expression «mistakenly shot at Afghan wedding» has almost become a stable internet meme.
However, the Senior US leaders repeatedly turned a blind eye to the crimes of their soldiers. Moreover, not only with their own: even in Syria and Libya, from which the crowds of fleeing refugees pouring into Europe, there are gangs openly enjoying the patronage of American politicians.
Even after the recent shocking execution of 11-year-old boy, whom the bandits had declared the scout of Syrian army, the US State Department continuously claimed this crime to be an "error". It was only under the pressure of evidence that they agreed to "consider" the rupture of relations with so-called "moderate opposition".
Moreover, in the very States nothing is perfect. The extrajudicial executions of police suspects have become commonplace. Too often, the victims of police brutality are not just unarmed ones: the disabled, the elderly and even people who are prone to suicide.
At the same time, officers that pull the trigger are not only punished but receive compensation for "mental suffering". Thus, ordinary people, looking at it, could not help but think: "If cops, the military, and the Syrian "rebels" are allowed to do it, why am I not allowed?" And at some point, a person’s fuse breaks.
The orgy of violence, which the authorities turn a blind eye on in the US and Europe did not begin yesterday. Officials have had time to stop the saturnalia of lawlessness by inflicting tougher discipline on military and police, scrutinizing migrants arriving in the country and actually teach them to live in the existing cultural and legal environment. However, none of this has been done - the power represented by the head of the London Police Federation recognized the inability to deal with the epidemic of violence.
It is very difficult to get rid of the thought that some people, not only and not so much the terrorists, benefit from this surge of unmotivated attacks and killings. Some benefit from people feeling unsafe no matter where it was happening. And one must admit that they have almost reached their goal. It is reported that Belgium residents this August, where an unexpected attack has happened, have recognized that they have learnt how to live in fear.
I am very sorry if this is the choice of the Belgians. I offer an alternative option to the inhabitants of the earth: to learn how live not in fear but play chess. Maybe it sounds strange- to oppose the chessboard to knives, machine guns, and explosive devices of thugs and killers. Of course, this idea will not provide quick result. However, in my opinion, this is the only one way to rid the world of the epidemic of violence.
The motto of our federation is "Gens una sumus", "All of us are one family". And the family means not just chocolates in the evening and gifts on the holiday but also common rules education, self-control and responsibility, which is clearly in shortage today. Meanwhile, chess is a great tool for teaching of the best human qualities.
The widespread art of playing chess would not free the world from the threat of terrorism or the painful transition to the united humankind, and even more so - from maniacs. However, it is able to create an environment in which our children and grandchildren will not have to develop the habit of living in fear and eternal depression.