Dashi Namdakov: «The Experience by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov Could Be Useful When Adorning Irkutsk»

The famous sculptor, Dashi Namdakov, who resides in London, recently visited Irkutsk to meet the director of the Beijing Museum of World Art, Ms. Wang, the most influential person amongst the museum fraternity in China.
While the guests familiarized themselves with the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum collections-where Dashi's first exhibition was held in 2006- he had time to tell us about his creative ideas and how he has been inspired by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's Kalmykia Biennials when installing his sculptures around the city.
- What project are you working on now?
-We are creating four large sculptures for Kazan this autumn; their castings are being finished in Italy. We will arrange several exhibitions. There is something happening all the time. Recently, an acquaintance bought a peninsula in New Zealand. He called to tell me that he was ready to build something unique on the local mountain and needed an interesting project.

I had no ideas at that moment and forgot our conversation. However, I recently fashioned a table in the form of a dragon lying down, with a glass lid. I gazed at it and thought: “This would look perfect in some gorge. And then it dawned on me: it would be the best choice for New Zealand. Now we are waiting for the local Mayor's decision. We will erect this structure if he gives his permission.

- One can see your new sculpture in Irkutsk: "The Bird and The Tiger." It is made out of bronze and stone.
- Yes, it is Afghan lapis lazuli. A very rare stone. They transport it with great difficulty from Afghanistan to Dubai and from there to Italy. I had three pieces of lapis lazuli and was looking for a creative idea of what could be made out of it. One piece turned into a horse's head embellished with bronze armour. Even before the completion of the work, I had a customer from one of the foreign galleries. I made a bull from another piece and the third one became the composition, "The Bird and The Tiger," which is now in Irkutsk.

 - Do you have a fresh creative project for Irkutsk?
- We are discussing the idea of organizing a Biennale of Contemporary Art in the city. Perhaps it will be a sculptural one. Once upon a time (in the 90's-Ed), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov organized four Biennials in Kalmykia. As a result, approximately 50 sculptures were created that adorn the streets, parks and alleys of Elista to this day. I think this experience could be adopted.