Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "Trump won because he was kissed by God"

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in an interview to ‘Soviet Sport’ talked about the phenomenon of Donald Trump and the reasons for his victory in the US presidential election.

- Trump’s victory has greatly surprised the world. What was your reaction?
It was an expected result as far as I am concerned. Two weeks ago, when I was interviewed by Philadelphia radio station on the issue of possible winners- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - I clarified the reasons of my belief in Trump’s victory.

- Please clarify them for us…
Trump won the GOP establishment not because of, but in spite of. He was able to break that machinery. Clinton is the exact epitome of the military bureaucratic oligarchy. And Trump is a mouthpiece of the people's opinion, like those, talked about in every kitchen in Soviet times. People consider Trump as the wind of change. And when the wind of change blows, the man marked by God cannot be stopped by any clans or money.
I closely followed the election campaign, read the US media, watched TV - they were all opposed to Trump. But he brushed off it all, because the American society is at a point where a change is long overdue. Unemployment is rising, businesses are closed, whole towns turned into ghost towns, such as Detroit.

- You said that Trump was marked by God. What are his personal qualities that made you say that? On the contrary, many believe he is a screwball and populist.
The US president is elected by popular vote. And when the will of the people is concentrated, it is difficult to countervail it. This is the will of God, who sent Trump to America to fix the country's karma.
- And yet, the Trump characteristic needs some clarification. Why was he marked by God?
He was always the winner, although he encountered many difficulties in his life. And now everything was against him, including the media. It is impossible for ordinary people to come out the winner in this situation. Therefore, I believe that he was marked by God to carry out his mission.
- So, let me summarize: Trump won, because he had been kissed by God?
- The question of who was your favourite at elections is self-evident...
Yes, it was Trump. I communicated to his staff six months ago and explained the essence of the FIDE programme ‘Chess in Schools’. In the summer, I asked Trump to attend the opening of the World Championship, and early this morning, when the final result of elections was not announced yet, I, on behalf of FIDE, sent congratulations message to him and invited him to make the first move in the first game of the match between Magnus Carlsen vs Sergey Karjakin on November 11. Earlier, I sent invitations to attend the match to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
- All polls gave victory to Clinton. Usually, forecasts come true. But in case of this election of the US President it did not work. Does it mean that you cannot trust opinion polls now?
Opinion polls forecasted that the British would vote against leaving the EU. The referendum result turned out to be the opposite. Last week, I was interviewed by BBC, and expressed my confidence in Trump’s victory. The arguments I had given are the same as above.
- What is the situation with your visa to enter the USA?
The elections were held, the State Department will soon wake up, officials will go to work, and I hope that there will be a positive decision.
- If they grant you a visa, would you be able to catch the match, which will be held on Friday?
I have enough time; there is a transit flight via London.