Ilyumzhinov: "Carlsen offended reporters"

The World Championship Match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin is being held in New York. In case of a draw ending, the winner would be determined after tiebreaker on November 30.

"The two-thirds of the match have already passed, and I am very pleased with how both participants play," says the President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.  "They fought hard. There haven’t been short draws yet. GMs sit at the board for 6-7 hours. One game lasted till the 94th move.

Carlsen was considered to be the undisputable favourite before the match, but as it turned out, Sergei proved to be better prepared psychologically. And the eight game proved it: Magnus sacrificed two pawns. He took a risk, but Sergei turned out to be more self-possessed."

-Carlsen was so determined to win that he even turned down the opportunity to give a perpetual check...
Yes, there was such an option. Magnus could not adjust to the situation mentally, and after his refusal of giving a perpetual check found himself in a losing position after a few moves.
- That’s when he got so disappointed that he left the press conference...
This step would not present Magnus in a favourable light. Players should know how to lose. The reporters were waiting for him, they had a lot of questions to the Champion of the World after his defeat, but he has offended them by acting like that. The contract stipulates that the players have to attend the press conferences. Now Magnus will have to pay a penalty of 10% of his prize money - from 40 to 60 thousand euros.
- What tactics should use Sergei in the remaining parties?
Sergei must be ready to fight and not to concentrate on defence.
- Does the contract provide for a return-match?
No.  The next match for the crown will take place two years later. Another two years’ cycle has already started.
- Kirsan Nikolaevich, have you finally been denied a US visa?
There was no refusal yet. My passport is still with the consulate of the US embassy. We call the embassy every day after two pm. They reply: "The decision is not made yet." That's all. That's how it is.