Ilyumzhinov: "Carlsen’s mastership was shown at the tiebreaker: he dominated in the opening"

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov summed up the results of the match for the chess crown in an interview given to Soviet Sport.

Firstly, I want to congratulate all chess fans with the holiday that lasted nearly three weeks. Magnus Carlsen once again proved that he is the strongest chess player in the world and not only because he has been occupying the top place in the rating for several years. Sergey Karjakin fought with dignity and shattered the myth of the invincibility of Magnus.

As for the tiebreak, then there were no miracles. Magnus is the World Champion of not only the classical chess but the rapid and blitz. Carlsen has shown his skill.
If we analyse the tie-break, Magnus has both the time advantage – he had twice as much time than Sergei by the end of the opening – and at the board. He has mush experience in openings. Magnus easily ended openings and dominated in any game. This is clearly evident in the second, third and the fourth games. Sergei was under serious pressure during these games.
- What can you tell about defence of Karjakin in the second game?
Sergey has found an ingenious composition of stalemate decision in almost hopeless situation.
- After the 12th Party, Carlsen was heavily criticized by making a quick draw being supposedly frightened. But it turned out that the World Champion simply did not want to take a risk and deliberately went to a tie-break because he believed in his victory.
This is true. Magnus had already developed tactics for the remainder of the match; he deliberately put his bet on the rapid. Thus, he proved that he was absolutely right and that he is really the strongest player on the planet.
- Experts with one voice said that openings were the weak point of Karjakin’s game. It was particularly clear at the tiebreak.
It is hard to say. Maybe he missed something during his training. But Sergei managed to find a way out from the most difficult situations due to his tremendous resourcefulness, stamina and virtuoso technique of defence. But, of course, he has much to work on.
- Karjakin gained a great experience. He apparently has possibility to improve his skill. In your opinion, is Sergey the most viable candidate for the second match against Carlsen in two years?
Sergey has everything to achieve this goal: he started to believe in himself and this is very important. Nobody who played against Carlsen ended the match of 12 games with a draw.
- The match caused great excitement in the world. And you, as FIDE President, were right in choosing its venue. New York City is the capital of the world, which contributed to success of the match.

- I for myself long ago decided that a match should be held in the hometown of Bobby Fischer. And this very match was dedicated to the memory of Fisher. And it proved to be worthy of the memory of the great chess player. As for the excitement, a few million people watched the match on our official website only. I have received many messages of gratitude from American chess fans for organizing the match in America. This is my gift to them. Given that the US authorities have included me in the sanctions list, which is why I was unable to come to New York.
- You said that the next match will be held in an Asian country. May you call this country?
- The representatives of chess federations of those countries attended the match in New York, where negotiations were held. But I cannot call the country yet.