FIDE head: "A lot of work and plenty of plans!"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, how are you? Could you explain what has happened today?

Probably, someone wants to be indulged in wishful thinking. They want me to resign. But I did not make any official statement or sign any papers on this matter. I work as the President of FIDE. The next election will be in September 2018 and we shall see the result. I cannot tell whether I would apply or not yet; we still have another year and a half.

But due to the fact that I was included in the sanctions list by the US Treasury on November 25, 2015, some FIDE members, for example the American Chess Federation wrote a letter urging me to resign. But I believe that this is a political matter and that I was included in that list because of my social activities.
In cooperation with my lawyers, I am formally suing the US Treasury of the United States of America. That’s why I say: let’s deal first with the US Treasury; I'll ask them for an apology for being illegally included in the sanctions list.
You know that I answered all their questions, visited the US Embassy, ​​met with staff from both the US and London there. I answered more than 200 questions, submitted copies of all my passports, wrote letters to the director of the FBI and the director of the CIA that I was ready to come to the US and pass the lie detector test. For some reason, they refused that.
I bought a ticket of the American Delta last August because I wanted to visit the US Treasury and the FBI, but I was not allowed on the plane. My passport is still with the American embassy. I do not understand whether they granted me with visa or not, but the consul said that it was under consideration. Now I'm waiting for this issue to be resolved. The sanction list is what matters. Everything is spinning around it.
Furthermore, the elections are coming. They will be held in September next year. Probably, some actions have been taken and some teams are being formed... They ask me if I would run for the office of not. My answer is: it’s too early to answer. A lot of work and plenty of plans! I do not want FIDE to live from election to election. There is work that needs to be done and delegates will vote for someone whose programme they would like at the congress.
- That is, do I understand correctly that the initiative on your resignation comes from the American federation?
Yes, they sent official papers to the Presidential Board and gave different interviews. So does Short from the English chess federation.
- However, it's unlikely that the American or English federation has put such information on the FIDE website. Who has put it?
Well, there is someone... The Director posted the information that had been discussed after the Presidential Board. The meeting had been already closed and there was a discussion afterwards. And that's all. And let's discuss the statement that I presumably signed to the effect that I was going to resign... There is the purely formal procedure for this.
The conversation was very emotional. I said that I did not understand what was going on. I worked for chess and FIDE for 22 years; I spent about $100 million; the chess palaces were built not only in Kalmykia but in many countries – in Ashgabat, Tashkent, Armenia, and in the Emirates... I asked them about the reason of arising of such ideas. Let's meet in a year and a half and talk.
- Kirsan Nikolaevich, is there a betrayal inside FIDE? After all, where does this information come from?
For how many years have you known me?
-I do not remember. We have been acquainted for more than a dozen years.
You've interviewed me on more than one occasion. In general, I had many opponents as FIDE President for 22 years – Kasparov, Karpov and Bessel Kok – and did I ever say anything bad about any of them? No... That's why I do not want to. I know everything that goes on there but what can I say... Time will tell who was right or wrong.
-May your supporters not to worry about anything in the near future?
Starting from 1993 and 1995, there were constant intrigues since Kasparov left FIDE and the PCA was formed. I say: let’s be engaged in chess! We have united the chess world: Kramnik won against Topalov. It was obvious: go on and play further. But there are always some intrigues around this position.
I say: take this chair if you want! Is it so attractive? Do I get money here? Do I improve my image? I'm wasting my health, money and time. I keep going around the world visiting 50-60-70 countries every year... I've already been to eight or ten countries this month. I work hard but you are still dissatisfied...