Andrey Filatov: "No one wants to fight Ilyumzhinov in the elections"

The head of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov called the "demarche" information about the possible resignation of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

"There is no impeachment. Legally, Ilyumzhinov can be removed from power only by the FIDE Congress, which will take place in a year and a half. The case is an attempt to force the President to leave, because he could only be resigned after he voluntarily declares his resignation for some reason.

Some of the members of the Presidential Council decided to force Ilyumzhinov to take this step by such a demarche and unfair publications."
- What motivated the actions of Ilyumzhinov’s opponents?
You can understand them humanely. They are also afraid to get into any sanctions lists. Fear closes the ears of the mind especially when people are aged. They think that if Ilyumzhinov works with them in FIDE, then they also may have problems. The US Treasury has intimidated many. But there is a reverse effect. Despite the sanctions, we have more friends in the world who are ready to support us.
- What is the official position of the Russian Chess Federation?
We are satisfied with the work of the head of FIDE and support him in everything. Despite the imposed sanctions, he continues to popularize chess all over the world; he has brilliantly held a match for the title of world champion in New York. He is highly respected and we are grateful to him for the work done on this post.
- What is the purpose of this attack?
In fact, the pre-election campaign has already begun. From my point of view, people who did this perfectly understood that it was illegitimate. If the President has written a respective statement, then the council could have the right to appoint an acting head of the Federation until the next election.
Now opponents are trying with their actions to convince Ilyumzhinov not to go into the new election of the FIDE president. This is their main strategy. The chess world is big and a narrow group of people are trying to seize power in 2018. Apparently, they have already selected a candidate to be supported. And now they need Kirsan Nikolayevich not to run in the elections. Nobody wants to fight him, so they try to convince Ilyumzhinov not to run.
- An extraordinary meeting of the Presidential Council is scheduled for April 10. What awaits us?
The initiators of the meeting expect that Ilyumzhinov will resign there. But if he refuses to sign anything, then only the FIDE Congress can remove him. The Council does not have such powers. And it cannot convene an extraordinary congress either.