FIDE head: "Hou Yifan switched to men’s chess"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, why did Hou Yifan refuse to play in Tehran? After all, she lost the crown by not taking part in the World Cup.

Hou Yifan switched to participating in men's tournaments now; she has her own training schedule. The World Cup was not part of her plans. She already played in the men's Grand Prix in Sharjah. Now she will play in the next stage of the Grand Prix, which will be held in Moscow in May.

-Did Hou Yifan tell you about her intention to win the men's crown?
"Perhaps," the FIDE president laughs.
No, she did not say that. It's just that she is more interested in men's chess at the moment.
- How likely is holding of the match for the Women’s World Championship in China?
We are working on this now. It is because the Chinese Tan Zhongyi won the World Cup, which ended in the capital of Iran in early March. The winner of the FIDE Grand Prix 2015-2016 also became chess player from China Jiu Wenjun. It is logical that the match for the crown can be held in China in late 2017.
- What steps have you taken to this end?
I sent a letter to one large Chinese corporation, where my close acquaintances work. They became interested and asked to send them documents. One of these days I meet with the ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China.
- What is the situation with the match for the title of Men’s World Championship, which should take place at the end of 2018?
Singapore, Japan and Thailand are interested in this match. I plan to visit these countries in the near future. However, the Chinese asked questions about the men's match as well. Let's see how everything turns out.