Ilyumzhinov: "Since Kasparov is a chess player, he must have a rematch"

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, why did you decide to run for FIDE President again?

I want to finish the programme "One billion chess players". In the past 22 years, I was faced with the task of uniting the chess world, and I unified it. Now I have set a global goal: to teach a billion people to play chess, so that each family has chess set. And it does not matter whether it is an African village, New York or Moscow.

- You said that you have got support and that's why you made this decision. Whose support did you get? Was it the Russian Chess Federation?
First of all I am a citizen of Russia so I can say that I enlisted the support of Russian citizens.
- Do you have information about your competitor?
I think, it will be Garry Kasparov.
- Do you know this for sure or just assume?
He lost to me in the presidential election at the General Assembly in Tromsø in 2014. Since he is a chess player, he must have a rematch.