FIDE President on Garry Kasparov's participation in St. Louis tournament

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, can you call Kasparov's participation in St. Louis tournament, at least partly, a return to chess? It is known that he played a couple of times in blitz tournaments before that. However, this time it will be rapid that is closer to the classic chess.

The Ethics Commission still has to consider the issue of his participation. Kasparov is suspended from chess activities for two years for corruption. His disqualification expires at the end of September this year.

- That is, he still may not be admitted?
The Ethics Commission should answer this question.
Recall that the 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov is included as participant in the fourth stage of the Grand Chess Tour to be held in St. Louis on August 13 - 17. Ten grandmasters will play one rapid round and two blitz rounds. The winners of rapid will get 2 points and 1 point in case of a draw. The winners in blitz will get 1 and 0.5 points respectively.
The total prize fund of the tournament is 150 thousand dollars.