FIDE head: "Conflict of interest arose at Tbilisi World Cup"

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, may Azmaiparashvili be subject to penalties and sanctions if the Canadian grandmaster Kovalev lodges an official complaint?

We are talking about the ethical side of the issue. I would not like to make any statements since FIDE Ethics Commission is independent body. But purely humanly I don’t like this situation. We are players and whatever happens, we should always treat each other with respect.

It is clear that we have strict and tough dress code especially at the opening and closing ceremonies. Nonetheless, at the recent Grand Prix held in Mongolia, there was a heat wave of 40 degrees, and participants wore shorts -- we could not forbid them.
It's another thing why Kovalev was not told that one cannot play in shorts in advance. After all, he had already played two rounds. They should have solved this problem from the very beginning in a sensible manner. Do not forget that all players are superstitious. Kovalev made Anand to leave the tournament, and it’s possible that those shorts were a kind of talisman for him.
Currently, the RSA (Professional Association of Chess Players), headed by Emil Sutovsky is preparing a petition and demands an apology. Next, the issue will be considered by the Ethics Commission. I shall state once again that it is independent and is elected every four years same as FIDE President,.
- If the incident will continue, will it have a more negative impact on FIDE or on the chess federation of Georgia?
In this case, FIDE seems to stand on the sidelines. For example, if football player fought with the organizer of a match in a World Cup, the case would be considered by a disciplinary commission.
In this case, it’s a different kind of nonsense and I consider it a mistake. How was it possible to appoint Zurab Azmaiparashvili as the chairman of the Organizing Committee and the head of the Appeal Committee of the World Cup? It turns out that Anton Kovalev, who is appealing to the Appeal Committee, will complain about Azmaiparashvili who offended him.
In case the Appeal Committee does not take any decision, the issue will be considered by FIDE Ethics Commission. The next instance is the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne (CAS). There are many issues to consider including the ethical side, non-payment of prize money and offense.
- Why did FIDE allow Azmaiparashvili to head both the Organizing Committee and the Appeal Committee?
This decision was not made by the Presidential Council. I think this is abnormal because the Organizing Committee and the Appeal Committee should be headed by different persons since there is a conflict of interests.