Ilyumzhinov: "I offered Kasparov the post of FIDE Vice-President "

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, what is your opinion on Kasparov's return to chess?

Back in 2002, he told me that he was going to quit chess. I asked: "Why? Even Korchnoi is still playing." He replied: "I'm too old now." Generally speaking, Kasparov was suspended from chess activities for two years and his disqualification expires on October 1. He was dismissed for corruption by the FIDE Ethics Commission.

The Ethics Commission could forbid Kasparov to play, but they decided to close their eyes to it. However, in my opinion, it will benefit chess if he plays more often. After all, one should recall the attention to St. Louis tournament because of Kasparov’s participation.
- How does the 13th World Champion play today?
He plays reasonably, considering how many years he did not play in tournaments. But still you can stay in shape in chess by playing on the internet. Everyone knows that Bobby Fisher played on the internet under a nickname. But still the lack of practice affected his play. Kasparov made blunders that even a first-grade player would not make.
- But he always got good positions after opening.
He has a lot of knowledge. The first moves are made automatically and only later the good shape is needed.
-Still he has shown his mastership...
The World Champion is the World Champion.
- Kasparov said that he was not going to run for FIDE President. He was your main competitor in the last election. Did you sigh with relief?
He cannot yet announce his real plans. If he declares that he is going to run, the Ethics Commission can regard this as a violation. Apparently, lawyers advised him to keep moving chess pieces for a while and keep quiet on this issue.
If he will run for FIDE President, this is also good news. Famous media personality. True, he often speaks on American television and criticizes Russia.
- That is, you are not afraid of him as a competitor?
I do not hold on to my chair, it's a public position and I do not get paid for it. I simply offered my programme to the delegates of FIDE congress. They saw what I had done in 20 years and voted for me.
- You and Kasparov went through different periods: once you were friends, then you were at enmity and later you became friends again.
This is what journalists wrote. Or maybe Garry thought so. From my side, there has never been any enmity. And anyway, I have no enemies. And I always treated Garry normally.
However, he had different periods in his life. Until 2002, he badmouthed Kalmykia and me in every way. And then he came to me as if nothing had happened and offered different ideas. We communicated normally. Then again I turned out to be a bad guy for him. When Kasparov lost me the election in 2014, I offered him the post of Vice-President.
-And what did he say?
Nothing.  He packed his things and went away.
-When did you last talk with Kasparov?
We did not communicate after that. Although, we still have each other's phone numbers.