Anaida Schneider: "Ilyumzhinov attracted the attention of businessmen to my charitable foundation"

Children's chess club was opened in the city of Elektrostal near Moscow. This happened with the participation of the Swiss charitable foundation "Education for Future Foundation". Its founder, Russian Anaida Schneider made a successful career in the Swiss banking sector.

Anaida talks about why she likes chess, and what role Kirsan Ilyumzhinov played in creating her foundation.

- How did your colleagues and clients react to creation of the foundation?
A year ago, at a charity evening that we held in Zurich, there were President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik. The participation of these men attracted the attention of businessmen and helped to form an initial budget. Collection of donations is still going on.
- Why did you choose chess?
I like it for its logic and beauty. I play chess all my life, my whole family plays including even my three year old son. Chess develops thinking, memory and mindfulness. The habit of thinking through the consequences of chess moves is useful for real life. After all, the game can be lost even because of one wrong move.
This sport does not require a lot of expenses, but unfortunately not every family can afford to buy a chessboard for their child. The foundation helped in purchasing chessboards for Elektrostal chess club. Now two teachers work with children twice a week and more than 50 students come to free classes. The prospects are good; the foundation will support the club in the future.