Ilyumzhinov announces he will participate in elections of FIDE President

President of the International Chess Federation Kirsan Ilyumzhinov intends to once again take part in the election of FIDE President. In the near future, Ilyumzhinov will ask the Russian Chess Federation to support his nomination.

- Do regions representatives say they will support you if you are nominated for the post of RCF President?

Yesterday, it was announced that election of the President of the Russian Chess Federation will be held on February 3. They call me from regions and ask if I will put my candidacy forward. However, I did not even think about it yet. They just ask me about my plans. They all say that I have ample experience. I built a chess city in Elista and organized eight Russian Women’s Chess Championships and six Men's Championships there. I also organized the Olympics.

- Are you going to run for FIDE President?

Yes, I will write a letter to the Executive Committee of the Russian Chess Federation, so that the Executive Committee members will support my candidacy. I have already been nominated by representatives of many countries -- Uzbekistan, Israel, South Korea, Tunisia, etc.
Recall that the election for the presidency of the International Chess Federation will be held during the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia from late September to early October 2018.