The head of FIDE spoke about his friendship with the Bulgarian visionary Vanga

The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga loved whiskey, which she first gave to try the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The head of the International Chess Federation told in an interview to the TV channel "Star" how Vanga tried whiskey for the first time.
The head of FIDE bought a bottle of whiskey in Paris by the request of his friends in Moscow. Knowing that Vanga long asks about him (they had known each other for several years), Ilyumzhinov went to Bulgaria.

"I was met at the airport and we, skipping hotel, went to Vanga's place. We came in the evening, so we immediately sat down and poured some raki. Vanga took the glass, smelled the raki and said: 'What kind of a nasty drink you are giving me? Give me some good one."

All of us looked at each other and wondered: she's been drinking raki for last 10 years every time before eating and now she was suddenly disgusted. She looked at me and said: "I know Kirsan has some but he's hiding it". I actually forgot about that bottle in my suitcase.
I said that I did not have any vodka. And she says: "Come on, you'll buy another one for your friends!" Then I fetched that bottle of whiskey from the trunk of the car and we poured some. She tried it and said: "Oh, this is delicious! " Since then I was always bringing her some whiskey" - said Ilyumzhinov.
Fully documentary "One Vanga said" will be released on September 26 on the "Star" channel  at 19:10 Moscow time.