Ilyumzhinov: "It is important to set yourself a worthy goal"

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov sees the road not just as an integral part of life but as a life itself. According to the head of FIDE, it is very important where the road leads to but there is something else to consider. What exactly? Kirsan Nikolaevich agreed to answer this and other questions to the reporter of kirsan.today website.
- Kirsan Nikolaevich, "Roads", as we know, is the name of your new column for the Russian Pioneer magazine. Honestly, we regret that we did not think of interviewing you on this subject before. Who else to ask about roads and travel if not you?

I cannot be absolutely sure but approximately I spend a third of my time on the road. I visit more than a hundred countries a year; another country every three days. Someday, I will share the secrets of speedy acclimatization or how to set up a mobile office.
But after all, the main thing is not the road as such but the goal. Why do you leave your home? It is important to set yourself a worthy goal.
Sometimes, a goal seems very reasonable when you start your journey, but when you get there it becomes clear that you’ve made a mistake.
- Are you tired of non-stop flights and jet lags?
I think, it's important to recognize that we lose much on our way, having no time to stop, look around and realize how beautiful is the world created for us by the Lord, Higher Mind – whatever you like to call the Creator of everything on Earth.
How do we live? You set a goal, you have to reach it. Here is the train: fast and comfortably. But the car is better: you can drive at 140 kilometers per hour, and you do not have to wait for hours at the airport. On the other side there is a plane: you take your seat, close your eyes and there you are – you have already arrived.
- Impressive! It is fast and comfortable. It takes no time to reach to your destination.
Is it really that impressive? Well, yes, you quickly and comfortably reach your destination. But did you become better because of this? Who were your fellow travelers? Do you remember them? What did you notice during the trip?
"You," they say to you, "passed through the most beautiful cities and picturesque natural landscapes." Passed! In other words, left behind what you did not notice. Can you go back and see it? You cannot. You are heading to other cities and landscapes.
There is time for everything. Sometimes, in fact, it's worth hurrying to get to the goal first if the goal has a special meaning for you. But one day you will inevitably have to slow down and answer to a simple question: was it really necessary for me to go from point A to point B and in such haste?
- Yes, it's worth thinking about. Please tell us about your recent journey. Where did you go?
Recently I flew to India and visited Dharamsala. I met with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It was, without exaggeration, a fateful meeting. I can talk about it for hours. It is important not to miss a single detail.
The other day I visited the UAE, Dubai. I joined the presentation of film project about Bruce Lee "He is Back". I met with the crew. The filmmakers expressed their gratitude for support of the project. It is expected that the film will be watched by more than a billion viewers. I talked with the amazing film producer Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty. That was a successful trip. I was greatly impressed.
By the way, Abbas Alizadeh - the almost exact copy of Bruce Lee - was approved for the role of the main character. Abbas is Khazar-Mongolian who lives in Afghanistan. They call him the Afghan Bruce Lee in Kabul. He is 25 years old, and he looks like a Kung Fu star. The young man is training hard to become a martial arts master and a Hollywood celebrity. He already starred in one of the Azerbaijani films playing the role of the resurrected Bruce Lee. I hope that he will brilliantly play his role in the new film "He Is Back".
-Thank you, Kirsan Nikolayevich!