Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: We need to solve problems in peace and trust together

The Unity Day is relatively a new holiday in Russia. National militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky fought against the invading Polish troops in 1612. People were brought together in difficult times not the first and not the last time in our history. We asked Kirsan Ilyumzhinov why this celebration of unity is so important for us.
-Kirsan Nikolayevich, why is it necessary to celebrate the National Unity Day?

- First of all, it is a memory. You cannot lose memory. People defended Moscow from the enemy. Is it possible to forget about it? We were threatened with total destruction. And then, the united people rallied in the face of invader. So it was in 1612 and in 1941.
The National Unity Day is a reminder that Russians have enough strength of mind to reverse the most difficult situation.
- People, especially the older generation, are confused: many people remember and celebrate the 7th of November and do not understand the meaning of the National Unity Day.
- I cannot agree. In addition, the 4th of November is also a big church holiday. It is the Day of Our Lady of Kazan. Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich decided to consider this day as a holiday in honour of overcoming the Time of Troubles. The country was in chaos. However, there were forces that allowed uniting the country.
- And nevertheless, we began to celebrate this holiday only in 2005. Which holiday is closer to our country? Is it November 7 or 4?
- It is simple. I think the November 7th is closer to older people, especially, war veterans. It is associated with the revolution and with the famous parade on Red Square in 1941. It was a turning point in the battle for Moscow. The National Unity Day is closer to the younger generation. Young people know more about it than about the revolution.
-Maybe we should devote more time to patriotic education not among the young people but among the older generation. They know all about the revolution but nothing about the national unity.
- You cannot teach the older generation how to be patriots! They can teach you instead. People, who grew up under the USSR, understand better than many about the unity of the peoples of our country. Many things have appeared that divide us today. The meaning of this holiday lies precisely in the fact that we, living on the same land, should stick together in the same country.
Moreover, our common cause is to strengthen the Fatherland, which our great grandfathers, fathers, and grandfathers united, fortified, protected, and entrusted to us!
Look, in Russia there are representatives of 195 nations and nationalities that belong to different religious denominations and movements. The main thing is for us to know and remember that we are citizens of one country. We need to solve problems in peace and trust together!
Fourth of November is a special day. After all, it symbolizes not even victory but the unity of the people, which made possible our victory over the enemy.