Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "I started a career as president of the football club"

The head of FIDE Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov suggested to nominate the head of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for candidate for president of FIFA in the last Congress. Ilyumzhinov commented on the proposal in a live radio "Sport FM».

- Andrey Filatov is an extraordinary person. He has surprised me a little. But he was supported by all participants from 186 countries around the world. If we are supported by so many countries almost unanimously, then may be, we will take a decision - in favor of chess and
sports in general.

I sat on the podium, when Andrew appeared. I had to sign a paper. He spoke from the rostrum of the popularization of chess, and said that brand awareness FIDE to participate in many international events. When he said that now the media focused on the FIFA because of scandals, it is necessary that our representative would have ran. And then offered to nominate Ilyumzhinov, I even dropped the pen.


- Is it all just a PR campaign and nothing more?

- We are adults, PR is not a purpose in our age. All that was said by Filatov and the delegates of the Congress is reachable. Now we started to receive confirmations and offers. In many countries, the presidents of chess federations are the heads of their states, prime ministers or ministers. For example, in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Jordan those people are respected, recognized and influential. In the Emirates, I met Sheikh Nahyan he is the country's Minister of Sport and at the same time he, the king's brother, is the patron of chess. He said that it was necessary to consider the proposal. But of course, I will first consult with my colleagues.

- Sorry for the direct question: Do you want it?

- My principle - to develop, popularize chess, football and sports in general. You know, I started a sport career as president of the football club "Uralan", which was the second highest in the Premiere league. And the coach Leonid Slutsky, whom we invited from Kamyshin, coached "Uralan" double team and later he became the coach of CSKA as well as Russian national team head coach. Alexei Smertin, who we have invited from Novokuznetsk, Siberia, played for the "Uralan", then he became the captain of the Russian national team, played for the "Chelsea" club as well. So it is a philosophical question - do I need it or not.

- Do you see yourself as president of FIFA?

- I have not even thought of it actually, so I can not answer. Now I see myself only as president of FIDE, President of the IMSA (International Mind Sports Association). I'm going to China soon. We are going to sign the contract to hold the World Intellectual Olympics.