Makarevich, Drapeko, Ilyumzhinov and Latynina talk about those on whom the world rests

Our famous contemporaries tell about who and why they consider a hero of the time

Andrei Makarevich, musician:
- Photographer, publicist Yuri Mikhailovich Rost turned 80 already, but he is an incredibly young man. I think this is because age is a state of mind. I have a feeling that he is younger than me in perceiving the world, in his reaction to the world, in other words, in everything. And I think that he is just the man who holds the world, at least some part of the world.


Of course, it is not politicians who hold the world but writers, directors, actors, artists and playwrights. Art is not meant to be an entertainment of the masses. It seems that art is what religion was in all ages. It deals with the soul of man.

Elena Drapeko, State Duma deputy, actress:
- Our world rests on the officers, the military, who serve, fight and die for the good of the state.
I remember how actors and I arrived to take part in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Transcaucasian Border District. We brought humanitarian aid. And during the concert, the military suddenly jumped up and ran away, when shots began to be heard about a kilometre away. It turned out, the smugglers tried to cross the Psou river. After some time, the border guards returned and sat down to watch the show: they saw smugglers every day, but they have not seen artists for several years!
Today, there are people among the military who think about the future of our state, and not about their own pockets. Fortunately, there are such people among doctors. They are real peacekeepers even in the most troubled times.
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, ex-head of Kalmykia:
- For me, as a Buddhist believer, this is the Dalai Lama as a preacher of the main principles: compassion and contemplation, if not in this life, so in the next. We have known each other for over 30 years. The first time I saw him in the early 90s, when he arrived in Kalmykia at the invitation of our believers. For me, just seeing him was a miracle. Let alone direct communication or drinking tea together.
Then we did not have a temple, so we received the Lama right in the field. And in 2004 – it was the last time he visited in Kalmykia – he consecrated a place for the construction of the largest Buddhist temple in Europe, the Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni. I contributed a million dollars to the construction from my own money; I had to sell a Falcon business jet.
Larisa Latynina, Soviet gymnast, nine-time Olympic champion:
- This is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. I like that he does many things in various fields.
We met quite a few times: at the Olympic Games in Sochi, at the Constitution Day holiday and other events. We talked on various topics, but mostly about sports. Once we discussed horses that performed in Red Square. We both noticed how they were beautifully trimmed. At the same time, I never raised any issues that would need to be solved. I did not want to bother him.