Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "If I go to the polls to FIFA, only for the sake of victory"

Kirsan Nikolayevich, what do you think about the male and female world championships?

Two weeks ago I was in New York, met with representatives of the organizers, with potential sponsors of the match for the world title. Already know the exact time and place - October 2016, the United States of America. And we have once appeared a lot of offers.
I met up with five or six sponsors. Several cities have offered their services to the venue of the match - it is New York, and Chicago, and Los Angeles. All of the city is very good.

– You have a good choice!
Maybe we'll give the United States two events. The first - a candidates tournament to be held in March. For example, eight of the strongest chess players will play in New York, and the match for the world championship will be held in Los Angeles or in Chicago. I was in Chicago, where chess is very popular, the mayor loves them very much. So, in the near future we will make a decision
US very suitable for tournaments.  Last World Cup knock-out in America took place in 1999. It was in Las Vegas when Alexander Khalifman became world champion. America missed a great chess.
The match for the world championship will be held in the United States - it is not discussed, but the candidates tournament can go there, but maybe not. 50 to 50.
Now the tournament contenders did not get many of the leading players. And we have a rule: the eighth place in the tournament is given to the host country. And the countries whose representatives - the strongest chess players (Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), now also have a chance to apply. So I think that the battle for the right to host the Candidates tournament will be very serious.

Who are these potential sponsors from the US?

They work with our company, which is representative of FIDE is now Ilya Merenzon. By the way, some sponsors will come on October 9 in Berlin, where we will hold the World Cup in blitz and rapid chess.
There will be all the celebrities and representatives of the United States too. But I can not name anyone in particular because the contracts we have not yet signed: while we are negotiating only. So, sponsor will decide which place to choose. To name some company, I certainly can, but it will not be very good to other companies.
I read about women's world championship match, which takes place in Monaco ...

Firstly, I want to thank the Prince of Monaco Albert II, the government, the management of the casino and the Chess Federation of Monaco, represented by Jean-Michel Rapper for the fact that they are actively involved. And the Minister of State of Monaco, and the Secretary General of the Olympic Committee, and members of the government - were all at the opening.
They really liked it, they are even compared it to Formula 1. Yes, Formula 1 brings money, but you're looking at is a fraction of a second. Within seconds at a speed rush the cars - and you do not understand. In chess, each move is seen ... Minister of State asked me: "What if every year we will conduct such competitions?".
They officially made such an offer, I'll make out an application. I think I see Prince October 12, and will give him a formal application. We decided to spend a year there any chess event. They want to hold a world championship for women in 2017 in Monaco.
Will you run for president of FIFA?
 No, I have not decided. I do not want to participate in order to participate. If I understand that I can win, then I make a decision.
Do you want to participate just for the sake of victory?
Yes, just for the sake of victory. I participated in 15 elections. In 1989, I became the youngest member of parliament in Russia. In 1990 I became a member of parliament of the RSFSR. Then I became the president of Kalmykia and FIDE President. For twenty-five years I have participated in the elections fifteen times, and always won.
Are not you afraid that one day you lose? Fischer because of this all play stopped.
Yes, it crushes. You can, of course, just to take part. But you just have to win. So I think whether or not to participate in these elections.