Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "The Chess Olympiad in Baku will be a real adornment"

– In the history of the World Chess Cup there was not such a dramatic fight in the final match, as happened now in Azerbaijan's capital…
– Yes, never before has there been such that the Cup finals ended in four resultive games. But the tournament in Baku showed that chess can be uncompromising, to the delight of spectators and chess fans.  Both Grandmasters - Sergey Karjakin and Peter Svidler - were on top.

- We can say that the Cup final in its glow not inferior football matches ...
- I recently met in London with Pele.  On the question of what is common between football and chess, he said that there, and there it is necessary to think a head. Only then a sportsman will become a great football player when he will calculate various combinations in the game.
- Now everybody feels sorry for Peter Svidler…
– Yes, he was half a step from victory. The third game, when he played white, could have ended in a draw. Therefore, the chess is so interesting. Here, as in sport, there is an element of chance and psychology. By the way, we constantly communicate with Sergey Karjakin, together spent the Day of chess  in Moscow. But Peter Svidler I support too, I feel a deep respect for him.
- What is the most important discovery was in the World Cup in Baku?
- Many players appeared stability and confidence - it's great. All strongest chess players has arrived In Baku, except for Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand. All were laid in full, there was no walk-through parties.
- It is known that you have proposed to the Americans to conduct the upcoming tournament contenders.
– I have met with the sponsors in the United States. Following the meeting, it was clear that the match for the title of world champion will be held in the United States in October 2016. 
We are now discussing in which city will be tournament - in New York, or in Los Angeles, or in Chicago. About the Candidates Tournament is being negotiated. We have some more candidates for his conduct - Russia, Armenia, China. We expect that there will be serious competition.
- How to choose the host nation of the tournament?
– Money (laughs). The country that will be able to offer the best financial conditions, will be the organizer of the tournament .  The minimum deposit - $1.5-2 million. In recent years, those who wants to carry out major chess tournaments became more. In 1995 in the FIDE calendar were only four tournaments, but now there are about 12 thousand.
The number of members FIDE is growing. The program "Chess in Schools" is successfully developing, even in countries where there were no chess. Representatives of countries that began to operate the program, became to win the competitions.
Our Commission has already visited Baku for the FIDE World Chess Olympiad.
Perhaps the next General Congress of the FIDE will be held at the hotel Fairmont. Perhaps, the Olympics 2016 will be a real decoration and will take a record number of participants.