Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: We will clean the mess first in our heads, then in our house, and then everywhere

(Continued. Started from 14/10/2019)

- So, is terrorism the main threat to humanity?
- I would refrain from such estimates. Human life, the existence of mankind is generally a complex and unsafe thing. This can be more clearly demonstrated by the example of another global problem - the environmental one. We are directly dependent on the environment.
Here is a simple example. If a certain plant releases harmful substances into the atmosphere along with smoke, everyone will feel the change in the air.


If Glaciers are melting in the Arctic and the zone of the Arctic Circle is constantly shifting to the North Pole, in the future it will affect any person, regardless of country of residence, nationality, religion and political views.

No less tragic is air pollution. It makes no sense to explain that this phenomenon negatively affects human health. Not just negatively, this is a whole disaster! In addition, many atmospheric pollutants destroy natural ecosystems, destroying plants and causing the death of living things on the planet. What can I say? The destruction of the ecosystem is a direct path to the death of all living things.
And then there is the pollution of the oceans, groundwater and surface water and land. All these comprise a global environmental problem, the responsibility for which lies entirely with man. A man, regrettably, is the main threat to all mankind.
- What do we do? Is there any way to solve this problem?
- Yes, there is such way. More precisely, it is the only possible way - innovative development. Innovative development, as I understand this process, is the development of everyone and everyone, the development of society, including all political institutions, the technical sphere, and the infrastructure that ensures a person’s comfortable existence and friendly external environment. This, by the way, is one of the indispensable elements of Vitacracy. The right to live. I have repeatedly spoken and written about this.
Thus, the goal of innovative development is not profit as such, but improvement of the future image of Russia, which includes a high spiritual and intellectual level of society, a high level of physical and spiritual health of people and a high level of prosperity of every citizen. And this is impossible without solving environmental problems, without ensuring the preservation of the surrounding nature.
- Is this goal achievable? Is the great mission entrusted to us feasible?
- Why not? Only pessimists believe otherwise, because they think that we are completely dependent on external investments, on Western technologies and its scientific achievements. At the same time, they point to the sanctions imposed against Russia, which deprives us, as they believe, of the slightest hope for development in general.
With this approach I cannot agree. I know for sure that, scientifically and technically, Russia will in no way yield to the West and it has overtaken developed countries and in many areas for many years to come. Yes, we have problems with the introduction of innovative solutions in production, in entire industries, but this is our internal trouble and it is solvable. The Russian leadership is now making tremendous efforts to clear up bureaucratic piles on the way from invention to the implementation of innovative solutions in practice.
I want to emphasize, the technology is secondary when we talk about the image of the future of Russia. Priority should be given to development of personality, modernization of the political system and improvement of social relations. Nobody will bring this to us on a silver platter. We must do it ourselves. I am sure that we will have enough intelligence, perseverance, patience, energy and strength to solve these complex tasks and achieve our goal.
- How? What shall we do? Where do we start?
- For starters, let's start playing chess (smiles). And I'm not joking. By doing this, we will clean the mess first in our heads, then in our house, and then everywhere