Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "Over the past few years the chess have made a giant step forward"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, you have announced that the game for the title of world chess champion will be held next year in the United States. Russian media write that this is not a final decision. And while it is possible that the venue could be Azerbaijan or even China ...
- We have already announced that the match for the championship will be held in the United States. In what city is not yet determined. But if, for example, Baku will submit its bid, we will also consider it.

- Did the psychological pressure of the crowd outside distract the chess players?
All was quiet. People loudly expressed their emotions, but in the other hall, where fans sit. Especially loud - during the final ten games between the Svidler and Karjakin.
Suppose Svidler made a mistake - and fans reacted very strongly. It's even great. It is clear that the owners wanted to Azerbaijani grandmasters played successfully. But they lost to the finalists - Svidler and Karjakin, so it's honorable. And the World Cup was held at the highest organizational and technical level.
In general, in recent years, chess made a giant step forward. Not only amateur sport has grew up, but also the skill level of professionals.
- How can we develop the sport among teenagers, where nowadays there are so many temptations - in the form of electronic games that do not require as much patience as in chess?
- Yes, in the age of technology the children all the time sitting at the computer. I think a lot depends on the policy. If the leadership of the country, region, district, school wants to raise a worthy generation, we need to do so that children's brain works. Much depends on the family. Today, in the halls of chess can often see little children who bring their parents.