"You will be president at home": Kirsan Ilyumzhinov speaks about meeting Vanga on the air of Volgograd one TV channel

On August 7, first President of Kalmykia and former President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was invited to take part in the Club of Experts show of the Volgograd One TV channel.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told how he met the famous fortune-teller Baba Vanga in the end of 1992. Vanga asked her advisers to bring her some "young president". Neither Yeltsin, nor Nazarbayev, nor Gorbachev fit the description. Then Ilyumzhinov's MGIMO classmate joked that he had some president in mind. Thus, Ilyumzhinov agreed to go to Sofia. This is what he said about his first meeting with Vanga:


“We climbed the wooden stairs into a small room and I heard her saying: "Well, come on, come on." I went into her bedroom and here she was sitting on the bed. It was about half past five in the morning and it was still dark. She said: “Well, why are you standing? Kiss". I reached out to Baba Vanga, but she said: "Kiss not me but the Mother of God." And above her bed there was a wooden icon, which streamed myrrh. I thought that I would not be able to get to it. But Vanga pushed me. I climbed in and reached out to kiss the icon that was streaming myrrh. My whole cheek became wet.

Later, Vanga took me by the hand, and we went into her little room. She sat down in a chair, asked me to sit down and that’s how our conversation began. At that time, I had few companies in America and Switzerland. I wanted to leave Russia for good then. I wanted to ask Baba Vanga should I move to Switzerland or America. However, she said: "You will go back home to work." I told her: "Hold on, I wanted to ask you whether I should work in Switzerland or America". She replied: "No, you will work at home." I said: “But how? After all, I graduated from MGIMO, I am a diplomat and I have several companies in Moscow and abroad. I have nothing in Kalmykia. " And she retorted: "No, you will be a president there." I said: "We don't have any president there yet; elections will take place in six months." Vanga replied: "They will elect you president." Then she thought and added: "For quite a long time."
When I left her, I thought she was joking. And six months later I was elected president of Kalmykia...