Ilyumzhinov: Every problem has a solution! I know it from my own experience

First President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov gave an interview to our website. We present a fragment of a conversation with Kirsan Nikolaevich, which is to be continued.

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, are the hard times back again? It would seem that we are no longer surprised by the hardships and sufferings, problems and trials. All our plans go to waste, the insidious virus again invaded the foundations of our life, undermining economic, cultural and even ordinary human ties.
-There is a growing negative attitude in society towards any person as a potential carrier of the virus, and therefore a threat to our life. But we have always dealt with any trouble together, shoulder to shoulder. The Kalmyk people would not have survived in the terrible Siberian exile if there had not been mutual assistance, human unity in the face of a common misfortune.

- However, today you can't even come close to each other due to social distance. Disunity and detachment becomes the norm. So, new times have come: has everyone to survive alone?
- You know, I am not against precautionary measures and I urge my fellow citizens to follow them: not to leave the house without special need and be sure to use personal protective equipment and, yes, to maintain social distance. In my opinion, the danger is not only that you can get infected yourself. It is much more dangerous to infect others, bring illness into you home and infect your loved ones.

- How can a person maintain a positive attitude in his soul? Without it there will be even more problem.
- Remember, the monkey from the children's cartoon said: "If you are sad for a long time, you can get sick." Against the background of what is happening in the world and with us, unrestrained and naive optimism seems to be something desperately indecent. However, you must admit that sadness lead to despair and this is much worse.
Therefore, I urge everyone to have optimism based on realism and hope. We see the problems and adequately perceive the difficulties that have arisen. We relate to the future without unnecessary pathos, foreseeing the obstacles that we will have to face. But at the same time, we draw strength from the feeling of happiness that arises when we think positively.
A naive optimist says: "there are no problems, everything is fine." A reasonable and active person will say: "There are problems, but I will try to solve them." It is necessary to strengthen a faith in oneself and in one's ability to act. Active optimism rests on a fundamental idea: Every problem has a solution! Trying to search for a way out of any situation can bring a feeling of satisfaction. And I know from my own experience that there is always a way out.
Moreover. By and large, there cannot be a social distance between relatives and friends. It is true if not in a physical sense, but in a mental one. Call your parents, write a text message to your relatives and friends that everything is fine with you; everyone around is healthy and that you wish it to them with all your heart.
We will definitely get through this viral fall and winter and meet spring, the time when dreams come true and hopes come true!