Vladimir Kramnik: Now is a good time for young chess players

“It may seem strange, but I think now is a very good time for young chess players. Chess requires methodology; there is no need to take breaks. You need to practise it continuously, and in order to become a better player you must get rid some of your shortcomings. Chess is difficult, so it is necessary to constantly build a knowledge base and skills that will allow you to play at the highest level. The pandemic will end eventually, and immediately after it ends, we will see who spent his time productively. Now is an important time for a young chess player: you can lay the foundation on which your entire career,” Vladimir Kramnik said in an interview with Sport-Express.

The ex-world champion who retired from his career is confident that “one of the main destinations of a person is to pass on what you have accumulated to the next generation. It is very natural to pass on your knowledge to as many talented children as possible and hope that it will help. "

“I am grateful to chess for everything it gave me,” explains Kramnik. - For me, this is not a continuation of a career but a debt repayment. Chess has shaped me as a person. Now I want to give something in return. I understand how important it is to hear the right words from an authoritative person at a young age to take the right path. I am ready to convey my understanding of the game."