Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "I have a high credibility in the chess world"

– Just as soon as you celebrated the 20th anniversary of your accession to the presidency of FIDE, your name was in the sanctions list of the United States ... 

– Yes, November 25, when I was on a business trip in Italy, I got a "gift" from America. The US Treasury announced that I was under sanctions because of the relations with the two citizens of Syria. They also presented a few absurd accusations. With me was the 1st Vice President of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos and other colleagues. We decided to assemble an emergency presidential council in our headquarters in Athens.

And I decided that if the Ministry of Finance deprives me of the right to sign financial documents (in March in Moscow will host the Candidates Tournament, where participate two citizens of the United States, and the match will take place in the United States in November), I need to take a break and deal with the situation personally. And – to temporarily transfer a number of powers.
– Up to what point?
– The next presidential council will be held in three months. During this time, I want to study together with lawyers all charges against me. Ready to go to Washington and publicly respond to all questions. I believe that these accusations – a mistake or a provocation. My lawyers have already filed a claim for $ 50 billion. So they appreciated my moral and material damage.
– Are you consulted before making such an important decision with Russian officials?
– This is my personal matter. And I decided that all their problems will solve themselves, but Makropoulos, who became acting president of FIDE, will be engaged in chess competitions. And since I feel that the decision of the Ministry of Finance was made by individuals in the United States, not a system, I decided not to resort to Russian officials.
First of all, I want to get from the US Treasury official paper, and then openly answer all their questions. Entry into the US I have not closed, but because of the sanctions, I can not even pay nor cash, nor the card neither a hotel, or a taxi, restaurant and other household services.
My conscience is clear and I am sure I am right. Moreover, in response to sanctions bureaucrats, I decided to make a gift to the American chess fans. Besides the fact that the United States will host the World Championship match will be held the championship of the world on the Rapid and Blitz Championship among men and women, there will be held and the largest children's tournament. Also, the next in 2016, declared the year of chess in the United States.
 – Are not you afraid that during retirement competitors are activated?
– We know the people who want to take advantage of this situation. We know so well that not even need to name names. But I honestly worked the last 20 years. I have such a high credibility in the chess world, which I know he will not let me.
Under the charter, the election of the FIDE President to be held in three years. And I am sure that in three years that the trust is exhausted. FIDE – so well-built, open and democratic organization that is simply nothing to be afraid of us.
Former president of the European Chess Union Silvio Danailov accuses Makropoulos and other FIDE executives in the so-called "family business" ...
– As far as I know, to the Danilov has serious questions about his activities as president of the European Chess Union. As I was informed, now there is a trial. Danailov accused of that budget funds were used for other purposes.
In addition, the United States opened a private organization that receives contributions for participation in tournaments. This was stated by the famous Bulgarian GM Kiril Georgiev and Montenegro Chess Federation. Hopefully, in the near future in this business will come to an end.
– Do not you think that, given the complex political relations with the West, your opponents will want to strike at Russia through chess, removing from the post of FIDE a Russian citizen?
– I hope that common sense will prevail. USSR and Russia has always been the most chess nation in the world. Now everyone understands that Russia is the legislator of chess events. I will defend its position before the latter and I am sure that the vast majority of wonderful world of chess will stand for me.