Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "I would suggest Obama to play a Russian game of chess"

– Kirsan Nikolayevich, how did you have influenced by the US sanctions?
- November 25, the US Treasury Department included me in the list of sanctions because of Syria. And I was going to visit several American cities in December - we have an agreement with the sponsors that the tournament will take place in November 2016 in San Francisco or New York. It will be a match for the world title between Magnus Carlsen and winner of the Candidates Tournament. But now I have no right to make transactions in the USA.

- That is, the match for the chess crown in jeopardy?
- Yes. Besides, my visa has not been canceled. I handed over the functions of the 1st vice-president of FIDE Georgios Makropoulos - to match was not disrupted. I was offered to move it to another country. But I asked the members of the FIDE to support my idea: declare 2016 the Year of chess in the United States. And instead of a match for the world title, I gave America 30 chess events.
- They will give you sanctions, you will give them gifts?
- Yes, I think that this is a technical error of individual officials, or one-time political move. I did not hide my meeting with Assad, with the leadership of Syria for the chess tournaments. I was not offended, but if someone is lost in something, well, it is necessary to put on the right path.
- So you did not start to submit a claim?
- Why? I asked the Ministry of Finance to give me an official paper - on the basis of which I fell under the sanctions. Allegedly, because I know two members of the central bank of the Syrian Arab Republic. A few weeks later - I did not get the official paper. I asked the other agencies in the US and in the law firm. I filed a lawsuit on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation in the Ministry of Finance of the United States. I hope till the new year go to court.––
- You wanted to meet with the US president. What for?
- A few months ago I sent an official letter to Barack Obama with a request to meet. The fact is that in those countries where we conduct major chess events, usually held a meeting with heads of state or prime ministers. This letter is in the Obama administration ...
- The answer was?
- While not. But, despite the fact that I included in the sanctions list, I now appeal to the US president. I want him to speak on two issues. First - playing a match for the world title and the year of chess in the United States. We want every school in America's children to study chess. And, of course, to discuss sanctions policy.
- Will you ask Obama to play a game of chess?
- I know that Obama is playing chess. And in his immediate environment is one of the leaders of electoral headquarters in Chicago is very much playing chess, was a member of the chess federation. Which party will play? I offer Russian party.
- With Obama you have not yet played, but with Hussein and Gaddafi - played .. Who was a better player?
- Gaddafi was stronger. At his suggestion, we conducted in 2004 in Tripoli, world chess championship - 64 chess players from more than 50 countries. Mauammar first time in history has authorized an Israeli citizen, International Grandmaster Milov to visit Tripoli and to participate in the championship.
But with Saddam Hussein in 1996, we wanted to hold in Iraq the match for the world title between Anatoly Karpov and Gata Kamsky US citizen. But then the finance ministry in Baghdad has banned Kamsky to play.
- What was the style of play Gaddafi and Hussein - offensive or defensive?
- They were poorly acquainted with the basics of chess theory. They simply loved chess. When I played the last games of Gaddafi, he even missed my horse. I wanted to cut the horse, and then returned - Colonel, you may go again. He says - no, no, touched the figure - all go. And the reverse is not.
I then asked, you are going to leave their country? He says - no, not home selling. There were killed and buried children (granddaughter had died during the bombing), so I will stay with my people.
- You and Saddam offered to fly on a plane that was waiting for you at the airport in Baghdad, and his son Udey, but they refused. If they were accepted your offer, it would have changed the history of the world?
- I think yes. If they were alive, if Saddam was not hanged, but Gaddafi so brutally murdered, they would could influence what happened a few years. And there would be rampant terrorism now, that is happening in their countries.
- The plane was waiting for you until the beginning of the bombing?
- Two of the aircraft stand. It was assumed that, maybe, he and his family will fly, and his eldest son Uday, who was president of the Olympic Committee and head of Chess Federation, and Qusay Jr., who led his guard ...
- You talked a lot with Vanga, she predicted the war in the Middle East. And you said that of the ten predictions of Vanga you personally fulfilled nine.
- Eight. Since 1992, we met about forty times. She sent her niece: look for the Young President. And I was not even the president of Kalmykia. I was then 29 years old. And we came to Vanga.
She immediately said, you will be the main between your people. I say no, I'm going to the United States. We bought a house there. She told me no, come back home. A year later, I headed Kalmykia. Then she said, I see the two presidents. Soon I headed FIDE. Two predictions - I'll wait for the next.
- You once brought her a bottle of expensive whiskey. Package put in a corner. But Vanga was indignant ...
- I did not bring a bottle for her. I was flying from Paris. Friends asked me to bring good whiskey. We arrived in the Rupite, a suitcase was in the trunk of my friends. Vanga took the people from sunrise to sunset. When the sun set, she went to dinner with friends.
I sit down at the table. Pour brandy. And then she says, but what Kircha on the table does not put what had brought with him? And I flew out of my head that the bottle in a suitcase. She says, okay, Kirsan. I went for the bottle, poured it half a cup of drink. After that, all the time she drunk the whiskey.
She loved Russia, Yeltsin respected. In 1993 in Petrozavodsk Boris spent Council President of the Republic was limping slightly. A few days later we meet with Vanga, and she asks: why did Boris lame? How did she know? And another said: he must obey his wife.
- What did she predict Russia at the beginning of the XXI century?
- It does not really complain about Bulgarian President Zhelev Zhelya. And all the time as an example to put Yeltsin Russian President tries, doing something for the people, and we do nothing. About Kalmykia she said, water will be more expensive than gold, looking for water.
I asked her what would happen to the country in 1996, in April, before the presidential elections in Russia when Yeltsin had several percent support. She said, do not worry, Boris to win, but not for long be. She loved Russia. She said that Russia is great. All countries will go to Russia.
I told her then about the miners' strike, about the fact that wages, child benefits were not paid for months. And she said: I see. I see blooming garden ...