The head of FIDE "Chess game between Assad and Erdogan - why not?"

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, answering the question browser Sovsportru, so reacted to the issue of reconciling the role of chess in policy:
- In your opinion, whether it is possible chess game between Assad and Erdogan?
- Well, of course. I met with Erdogan and Assad. At the time, I wanted to reconcile them. I Erdogan said that Bashar al-Assad called his older brother, they were close, the families were friends. And I suggested to Erdogan and Assad to meet and...

- How long has it been?
- Several times I went to Turkey. I asked  for help Erdogan when we were conducted by the World Chess Olympiad in 2012. We had a problem with the organizing committee and the Ministry of Sports - still two thousand players from 170 countries around the world. Erdogan was the Prime Minister at that time, he quickly delving into the essence of the issue, and we held the Olympic Games with a great success.