Ilyumzhinov: "I am still kindly disposed towards Kasparov"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, why does Kasparov behave so aggressively towards you?

- Once we were friends with him. I am still kindly disposed towards him. He is the great Champion, fighter, the bundle of energy and emotion. He liked to eat delicious home-made dumplings that his mother - Clara Shagenovna – cooked for Garik.
What has happened next? Kasparov could not keep a good relationship with anyone for a long time. Maybe that's why he has achieved nothing in politics where he behaved like a child. That’s why people did not support him in the last election in Norway and did not choose him the head of FIDE.

I helped Garik many times starting from a small requests to a million dollars. I will never forget how he sold me the Crown, which he won in the match with Karpov in Lyon. ‘Korloff’ made ​​a unique piece of jewellery - a crown in the form of two letters "K". It was made ​​of gold (weighting more than 8 kilograms) bearing1118 diamonds.
Kasparov had to sell it to some sheik to donate the money to help the Armenian refugees. Sheikh refused and, of course, he turned to me. I didn’t need the Crown. But how could I not to help Garik?
We agreed that I will pay $ 1 million for it. As a result, Kasparov began to lament that the French state would take 30 percent of tax for the transaction and suggested that I should pay it. I became outraged. Did I have to also pay the taxes?
- Did Kasparov resign to the loss of money?
- No, Garik thought that it was better to carry it as contraband to Zurich where I was waiting for him. He shoved  it in a gym bag beneath the pile of books and lulled the vigilance of the customs officers on the train by giving them his autographs
By the way, it was funny to watch how my assistant and Garry Klimovich were squatting and counting the diamonds, which number for some reason turned out to be five pieces more. That's how the 13th World Champion got a million from me. I still cannot understand why I needed that crown, which is still stored in a safety deposit box.
I'm waiting a call from Garik. He knows how to find me. Maybe once he come to its senses, call, returns to Russia and will work for the benefit of chess.