Ilyumzhinov: "The technical progress promotes the popularization of chess"

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, how would you comment that the Candidates Tournament was won by the Russian?

- Sergey Karjakin will fight with the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen for the Chess Crown. This is a great achievement: after all, eight strongest players played in Moscow and the uncertain situation remained until the end of the competition. In the last game only, Sergey put the squeeze on 23 years old American Fabiano Caruana, who could well be a winner.

- Karjakin is the youngest grandmaster in the history. Carlsen is the chess prodigy as well ...
- It is understood: the guys are increasingly using computers. They browse much more combinations and that’s what makes the young ones to be more advantageous. But the 47 years old Vishy Anand fought well and won the third place.
In the very Norway, where the chess boom is underway now, the game is taught in schools using the "Magnus Carlsen" computer program. As you can see, progress is also promoting the popularization of chess.

- Was there the change of generations in chess?
- Yes. Karjakin and Carlsen are the age mates: both were born in 1990. I took a notice of them back in 2004 and made the invitation to the tournament. And the guys have played at the highest standard.
- How did Sergey come to Russia since he has played for the national team of Ukraine up to 2009?
- Sergei was born in Crimea in Simferopol. In order to continue his chess progress, he asked to come to Russia that had a lot of good coaches and the most famous chess school in the world.
By the way, even the 11-th World Champion Robert Fischer studied by our chess textbooks and he had to learn the Russian language in order to do so. Sometimes we talked in Russian when I used to meet him. He was pretty good at it ...
- When Carlsen and Karjakin will play?
- The match will be held in New York from 10th to 30th of November, 2016. The prize fund would be not less than one million dollars.