On May 20, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov paid a short visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia is often called the “Land of the Two Holy Mosques”, referring to Mecca and Medina, the two main holy cities of Islam.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov arrived in Saudi Arabia on a friendly visit. He met with the prince and friends from the ruling family. There was also a meeting with Princess Anna of Hong Kong.
There were also business issues to be urgently resolved. Incidentally, this always happens when Ilyumzhinov arrives somewhere just to see his friends.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated our readers on the Pioneers Day. A lot of congratulations also came to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. People still remember their friendship, which is a very pleasant and priceless fact! Here is one of the letters:

“Kirsan, taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate you on Pioneers Day. I was also in Artek in 1974.
... Happy Pioneers Day to you, my friend. The Laskovy May band and our fans consider you the best politician of all times and peoples of Russia and the Soviet Union. I wish you always be healthy. You look great. Well done!

On May 19, 1922, exactly one hundred years ago, pioneers’ detachments were created at the Second All-Russian Conference of the Komsomol. That’s how Pioneers Day became one of the main children's holidays. However, the All-Union Pioneer Organization named after V.I. Lenin ceased to exist in September 1991. Thirty-one years have passed since then, but I still think this was a grave mistake. If they tell me that by doing so we have achieved tremendous success in educating the younger generation, I will opt to disagree. It is impossible not to admit that the best thing in a person - loyalty to one’s word, comradeship, friendship, courage and determination, and responsibility for one's deeds - was laid then. I happened to visit Artek, the best pioneer camp for children. I still remember the joy of communicating with the guys from all over our great country, with whom I became friends and have maintained relations for many years. I convey pioneer greetings to my Artek friends! I send my greetings to the members of the pioneer team of the Elista School No. 3, where I studied! We, then pioneers, were united by friendship for life!

For several years in a row, I have been writing a column in the Russian Pioneer magazine, which I really like. The magazine is beautiful and interesting and besides you can read it on-line. Each issue is dedicated to a particular topic.

In general, Russian Pioneer is a magazine about pioneers in business and art, in the service and in sports. The magazine publishes columns of Russian journalists, as well as famous people who share their opinions and views on various topics.
The topic of the next issue is Light.
There is always light. Beam of light in darkness. No matter how gloomy it is, it is important to remember that any darkness will eventually bring us light. Dawn will come.
Imagine you are in a dark room. There are no clocks, no lamps either. But you know that the dawn will come, that's for sure! You just need to be patient, wait and look for a way out of this room. Do not worry if despondency seizes you. Know that the longer the darkness, the closer the dawn!

On May 16, at the age of 61, Arkady Mandzhiev passed away. He as a hero of Kalmykia, songwriter, Honoured Art Worker of the Republic of Kalmykia, member of the Union of Composers of the Russian Federation, President of the International Association of Mongolian Composers, Chairman of the Artistic Council of the Union of Composers of the Republic of Kalmykia.

The music of Arkady Mandzhiev, his magnificent songs are listened to not only in my native Kalmykia but in many countries of the world. Arkady was an amazing melodist. His music is the glorification of his native land, it was not for nothing that he became the author of the anthem of Kalmykia.
Arkady Mandzhiev wrote hundreds of compositions, many of which have already become "folk" today. His music lives in the heart of every Kalmyk. Once you hear his song, you can't forget it. And we will always thank fate for the happiness of hearing his music, for living with him at the same time and on the same Earth.


" I was born on April, 5 in 1962, two years before the ousting of Khrushchev and the beginning of the Brezhnev era. The Khrushchev "thaw" was coming to a close, yet the spirit of freedom released from behind the barbed wire of the ruling ideology was still animating the country. And yet..." These lines from my first book are said to be "about time and myself."

I, like probably many others, have been trying to understand for a long time: how it has happened that our generation lives in an era of change? Such times are known to be rather hard, and even more so when changes seem to affect the entire human civilization. One day, we may find ourselves on the ruins of past well-being, or even under its rubble!
While some of us are horrified by the upcoming incomprehensible changes, the others are trying to live according to usual rules and comfortable ideas. Both methods are useless (which mothers and obstetricians know very well), and the results, to put it mildly, are not very encouraging.
I believe that the answer is still lies in a discovery of the Astrophysicists at University of Rochester. They conduct research within the framework of not the most popular Gaia hypothesis put forward back in the seventies of the twentieth century. Without going into details, I will say that this theory proposes to consider the Earth a physiological system, that is, a living being. Rochester astrophysicists, based on their own research, claim that our planet has its own consciousness and mind!
No matter how wild this may seem, it suggests an answer to at least one riddle: why could life not only appear, but also survive for many billions of years (actually, almost throughout entire geological history)? After all, global cataclysms of an unimaginable scale are constantly taking place on Earth: eruptions of super volcanoes, falls of asteroids, or changes in the inclination of the Earth’s Axis causing our planet to turn into a giant snowball. And every time life is saved only by miracle.
The existence of life on Earth, not to mention its appearance, is still a mystery for science. Several quite serious scientists who have for many years studied the conditions of existence and development of the biosphere (the entire set of living beings - from bacteria to humans), came to a firm conclusion about its interaction with our planet. That is, not only do we influence the Earth (as, for example, bacteria and plants have created soil that does not exist on other planets), but it also contributes to the maintenance of life.
And this miracle is nothing but conscious help from the home planet. But who said that the Earth will always be ready to help all living beings?
American science fiction writer Harry Harrison wrote a novel called Deathworld. A colony of earthlings is trying to organize mining on some planet, while its environment is literally trying to destroy them. A fierce confrontation has lasted for centuries, and earthlings are already almost losing it, there are fewer and fewer of them.
But at this moment, the main character realized that all the deadly attacks by local fauna and flora are a reaction of the collective mind of the planet, which perceives the colonists as an alien infection.
As soon as the main character persuaded people to try to get rid of innate hatred of the planet and stop barbaric mining, the attacks began to subside. However, some of the earthlings have never been able to change their mentality. And so, they were forced to go away for good. But we have nowhere to run.

If astrophysicists from the University of Rochester are right, I am afraid the Earth's patience has run out. Everything we have now witnessed: a sudden outbreak of a dangerous disease, aggravated social and interstate contradictions and consecutive catastrophes, can be interpreted as an urgent call of our Mother Earth to change the world. What's the alternative? Well, some people have talked about the likelihood of a global nuclear war. A few would survive. Human civilization in its current form would definitely not.

On May 7, the Children's Spring Cup of Russia ended in Yershovo near Moscow (nine rounds with classical time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds for each move).

A Kalmyk chess player, champion of Moscow Roman Shogdzhiev took part in boys under nine-years-old team (coached by Dmitry Sarangov). His main rivals were one year older than Roman. However, he secured first place for himself a round before the end of the tournament.
Taking nine points out of nine possible, the young player repeated his last year's success of the Children's Cup of Russia. Roman was able to compete with older opponents in three additional blitz tournaments (three minutes + two seconds for each move). Result: two first places and one second.
In addition, on the penultimate day of the tournament, a competition of solving chess puzzles took place and again he won the first place!

Dear veterans! Please accept my warmest and most cordial congratulations on the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War!

May 9, 1945 ended the most terrible and bloody war in the history of mankind. In those terrible years, when fascist hordes invaded our land, its best sons and daughters stood up to defend the Motherland.
The Kalmyk people made a worthy contribution to the common Victory. On the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, shoulder to shoulder with other peoples of the USSR, defending the Fatherland, 43,210 natives of the republic fought. For military merits, about four thousand soldiers from our republic were awarded orders and medals. 22 warriors from Kalmykia who showed exceptional courage and heroism were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

On May 7, the oldest grandmaster in the world, Yuri Lvovich Averbakh, passed away. He died at the age of 101. Yuri Averbakh was a former chairman of the USSR Chess Federation, the author of several books about the endgame and the editor-in-chief of the Chess in the USSR and Chess in Russia magazines. In 1949 and 1950, Averbakh became the champion of Moscow, and in 1954 - the champion of the USSR. One variation of the King's Indian Defence in the opening of the game is named after him.

Averbakh was fond of chess from the age of three; he played it from the age of seven. Winner of the All-Union tournament (1938) among schoolchildren. Winner of several international competitions. As part of the USSR national team, he participated in matches with chess players from Argentina, Great Britain, the USA, Uruguay, France, Sweden, Yugoslavia. For his chess achievements he was awarded orders and medals.
Yuri Lvovich lived a long and interesting life. He never betrayed the ancient game, he always thought about the beauty of chess, he perfectly knew and loved the endless world that he saw on the chessboard.

His Holiness will confer the Heruka Initiation of the Luipa Tradition (dechok luipa wang) in the mornings at the request of Gyudmey and Gyuto Tantric Colleges in Dharamsala (venue to be confirmed). July 8 will be the Preliminary Initiation and July 9 and 10 will be the Actual Initiation.

The following events with the participation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama are also planned for the near future:
On the morning of May 25, His Holiness will attend a Long Life Prayer offered to him by the Sakya Tibetan Buddhist Tradition in the morning at the Main Tibetan Temple.

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