FC Uralan (Elista). What happened to the team, are there any chances of their return, where did it all start, and what are the former players and coaches doing now? The first president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, composer Arkady Mandzhiev, ex-coach of the team Leonid Slutsky, former footballers Oleg Kuzmin, Erendzhen Tsebekov, Viktor Lidzhiev, Eduard Bogdanov, as well as fans and veterans of the club, spoke about this in the "Disappeared" show.

A bit of history. FC Uralan, which means "Forward" in Kalmyk, was formed in 1958. In 1997, Uralan, having won in the first division, received the right to play in the top division of the football championship.


On September 23, TV channel Match TV will air the "The Disappeared" show at 10.20 p.m. This time is will be dedicated to the Kalmyk football club Uralan.

By the way, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took part in the filming of the show. It tells viewers about the football teams that left the top division of the country.
Recall that in 1997, having become the winner of the First League, Uralan won the right to participate in the top division of Russian football. The best result the club has achieved in the top flight was seventh in 1998. Its highest achievement in the Russian Cup is reaching the semi-finals in the 1999/2000 season. In the 2000 championship, the team took the last place, and spent the next season in the first division, where, after taking second place, they got a ticket to the top again.


On September 21, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov took part in a meeting of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and members of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic with an official delegation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The meeting took place at the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan. A delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo arrived in Kazan for a short visit. As part of the familiarization programme, the guests visited Tatarstan Investment Development Agency to take part in presentation of the region’s economic potential. They also studied the activities of the innovation and production Technopark IDEA and visited the "Eidos-medicine" and "Eidos-robotics" centres as well as the techno park of high technologies, IT-park.


On September 19, the capital of Kalmykia Elista celebrated its 155th anniversary. First President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated the residents of Elista on the City Day. You can watch Kirsan Ilyumzhinov’s video message on Twitter, Instagram and, of course, on the home page of our website.

The text of the message reads as follows: “I wish you happy birthday and prosperity, my beloved city of Elista! I congratulate all my fellow countrymen on the 155th anniversary of the Kalmyk capital!


The degrading, impoverished life of the empire's republics, the blatant falsity of the law and the media, the arbitrariness and stupidity of the authorities that stood above the law, the inherent Antisemitism and national conceit all accelerated the ruin of the USSR. Indeed, if God wishes to punish a person He removes their rational abilities.  While Europe was in the process of dismantling its national borders and uniting its states we, according to a classic model, were busy setting fire to our former idols, and bowing to the ashes.

I remember the euphoria of those days. The radiant faces of people congratulating one another. It seems tha t only the Communists spoke out against what they considered to be inadmissible. But who cared about what they had to say at the time? The hitherto suppressed hatred of the people for the CPSU - which had trapped the country in a steel web of ideology and was used to giving commands and telling everyone how to live, what to eat, say and think - broke out and smashed down all barriers.


Exactly one month ago, on August 17, the famous Soviet chess player Mikhail Botvinnik would have been 109 years old. Late tonight a film about him, The Autumn of a Chess Player, made in 1990 was shown on the Culture channel.

The king of Soviet chess fate is amazing: at the age of 14, he won a game against the world chess champion Raul Capablanca. The famous Cuban was persuaded to come in 1925 to a simuls chess tournament on 30 boards in Leningrad. He never expected to lose to the unknown teenager Mikhail Botvinnik. The enraged world-renowned grandmaster did not even shake hands with the winning opponent.
It was the stellar debut of the future multiple world chess champion Mikhail Botvinnik. The film tells about the birth of the Soviet chess school, about how the top officials of the Soviet state promoted chess tournaments, and why the most coveted game for Botvinnik with Alexander Alekhine, who passed away as an undefeated world champion, did not take place.

A Lonely Poplar won the European Tree of the Year 2020 competition.

The solemn event took place in the Tselinny district at Khar-Buluk village where the tree grows. Sergey Palchikov, Chairman of the Certification Commission of the All-Russian Programme "Trees - Monuments of Wildlife", expressed his admiration for the natural phenomenon, noting its significance not only for Kalmykia, but also for the whole of Russia. He also noted that that the Lonely Poplar became the winner of the international competition, which is a great success of the people of Kalmykia and the whole country.


On September 14, the abbot of the Tsagan Aman Buddhist khurul, my friend Lama Baldzhinimya, died untimely. He was a wonderful person. I will never forget our communication, our conversations and his wisdom and compassion.

Baldzhinimya loved life, people and he travelled a lot. He visited Chin and Lhasa. He studied at the Ulan Bator Theological Academy. In 2016, he restored the khurul complex in Tsagan Aman. He helped people a lot. He was a whole and real man.


On September 10, Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation, honorary citizen of the Republic of Kalmykia Valentina Poltavskaya turned 75. First President of Kalmykia, sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov sent his best wishes to Valentina Poltavskaya on her birthday:

“Dear Valentina Mikhailovna! Please, accept my best wishes on your birthday! Your high professionalism, love for students, sensitivity and hard work have always served as a high example for your colleagues and students.
Since 1976, for 10 years, you have headed the secondary school No. 3 in Elista, which today bears the name of the Hero of Socialist Labour Nadezhda Sergienko and is still one of the best schools in the city. I, like many others, have the honour of being a graduate of this school.


As part of the anniversary, it is planned to organize joint events throughout the year in many areas, such as politics, trade, economics, culture and the humanitarian sphere.

In particular, it is planned to publish a book on the history of development of Mongolian-Russian relations, arrange mutual visits, hold a series of events "Mongolian-Russian Initiative-2021", "Train of Friendship", scientific conferences, photo exhibitions and the creation of a documentary film.


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